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MAY 7th - 8th



2022s show is shaping up to be an amazing weeking with guests from the world of  THAI BOXING , MMA , FREESTYLE , KARATE , KICKBOXING , XMA , WING CHUN , TAE KWON DO , FILM AND TV and more ! 

Here's just a few of the stars appearing at the UKMAS 2022 .


Former undefeated world kickboxing champion . Regarded by many as the best kicker ever with clocked at 70mph hence we all know him as 


Mohammed Qissi AKA TONG PO

Qissi was born in Oujda, Morocco and moved to Brussels, Belgium at the age of 2. He began training in boxing at seven years old, and became an amateur champion in his weight class at 17. He also went on to study Shōtōkan Karate, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. He befriended Jean-Claude van Damme at an early age and they grew up together with the same love for action films and training in martial arts.[1]


Master Samuel Kwok is one of the worlds leading experts in wing chun kung fu . He has schools all over the world and will be passing on his skills at the UK martial arts show .


Master Sken has maintained a strict regimen of instructing virtually every working day – whether to instructors or general students. By combining the various 'numbers' (combinations), his students are able to exponentially create hundreds more of combination techniques - that work! Train with a real pioneer at the UK martial arts show .


ALFIE Lewis is one of the most famous martial artists that has ever graced the semi-contact mats. ... Off the mats he is a true gentleman and a great ambassador for free-style Karate. He runs the Mushin Kai Freestyle Karate Club in Liverpool where he trains both today's and tomorrow's champions.


Multi world , European and British champion

British bodybuilding champion


Chris Crudelli is a martial artist, television presenter and author. He is best known as the host of BBC television programmes about the martial arts of far eastern countries, Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves,Kick Ass Miracles, and Kick Ass in a Crisis all shown on BBC Three.

Dont delay ....... book your tickets for a packed weekend of martial arts action